Helmetor Helmet Holder

  • Helmetor Helmet Holder

Helmetor Helmet Holder

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No more leaving your helmet around the house or garage with the wife or partner going on at you to move that helmet ! , With a Helmetor you simply fix it to a wall or door and attached your helmet to it ! Simple's.

All screws are supplied with easy fitting instructions 

Easy to use even kids can store there helmets away now, and with a range of colors to suit all tastes.

Perfect Gift for any cyclist !

Wall-mounted Helmetor®


  • Due to its intuitive patented design, its lower arm acts like a leaf spring allowing Helmetor®  to hold the helmet using a single air vent between(this may vary depending on helmet type) 30mm to 65mm long.

  • It is easy to use, attaching a helmet securely in one, swift, single-handed movement.

  • lockable

  • secured with two screws (supplied)

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