Class 1 Extension Ladders

Class 1 Extension Ladders

Need industrial strength? You've reached the right place. MAS is a proud supplier of Class 1 Professional Industrial trade ladders. These are the mighty warriors of the ladder world by leading brands like Lyte & Zarges. They are all manufactured in the UK and available in single (separate tab), double & triple sections. 

We also have a range of rope operated aluminium heavy duty ladders all offer, wall-running wheels, interlocking stiles and auto gravity fail safe locking latch. These ladders are for professional tradespeople who require the very best aluminium heavy duty Class 1 ladders. 

All certified to BS2037 standard

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Lyte Class 1 Ladders

In the demanding industrial world, the Lyte Professional Industrial Extension ladder is the one you..

£128.00 Ex VAT: £106.67

Titan Trojan Industrial Ladders New

Titan Trojan Industrial Ladders

Trojan Deluxe with Rocker feet & Wall Running Wheels At last the heavy duty Class I ladder ..

£145.00 Ex VAT: £120.83

Zarges Class 1 Ladders with bottom stabilizer bar

Zarges Class 1 Ladders - Now fitted with bottom stabiliser bar as standard. If you are looking..

£111.00 Ex VAT: £92.50

Heavy Duty Rope Operated Class 1 Ladders

Lyte ladders range of Heavy Duty Class 1 Industrial Double and Triple ladders. It’s the ‘Big Daddy..

£222.00 Ex VAT: £185.00