Telescopic ladders

Telescopic ladders

Why chose a telescopic ladder? These ladders are a versatile option for both professional and domestic use where space and transportation is an issue. There are many great advantages to having one of these ladders in your car/van or at home. Our choice of telescopic ladders is based on 4 key principles:

Easy Storage – Is space a premium both in the car/van or at home/office? If so, then a telescopic could be a good option for you. Its reduces in size to about one third of its full height so can be easily stored away and doesn’t need to be left outside so easily accessed for those winter chores without leaving the house/office.

Easy to transport – Unlike traditional extension or step ladders, which are often awkward to lift and transport this is not the case with a telescopic ladder. It reduces to a small size and is made of lightweight aluminium so can easily be carried and stored in the back of a car or van.

Functional – Did you know that these ladders extend to over 3m in height if required and you can adjust the height of individual rungs? So, you are always working at an optimum height. This reduces the risk of over stretching to reach those high jobs.

Safety & Security – All the telescopic ladders sold by MAS are tested & certified to BS EN131 standard by brands such as Lyte & Zarges. They have an excellent build quality in lightweight aluminium but still have a weight rating of 150KG – Impressive!


Don’t buy cheap telescopic ladders, often the build quality is not sufficient to withhold sustained use. We strongly recommend buying from a reputable brand if you want a safe, sturdy ladder that will last. Some of our range comes with 2 year warranty as well. 


Size matters? If you’re not sure of the size you need, please call us on 0116 2556600 or chat online. 


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