Zarges Reachmaster Mobile Tower

  • Zarges Reachmaster Mobile Tower

Zarges Reachmaster Mobile Tower

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The Reachmaster is a robust and easy to use mobile scaffold tower that is suitable for a whole range of jobs , Whatever it is you need to do 

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The Reachmaster is compact enough to be stored and transported with minimum of space. They are quick and safe to erect thanks to its folding base frame and braces that snap into place.

Platform Height

0.6 m

0.9 m

1.7 m


2.5 m

3.7 m

4.5 m

5.8 m

6.5 m

Working Height

2.6 m

2.9 m

3.7 m

3.7 m

4.5 m

5.7 m

6.5 m

7.8 m

8.5 m




5600103- IN







  • Eight different platform heights from 0.6 m up to 6.5 m 
  • Robust 50 mm diameter frames and braces 
  • Certified to EN1004 
  • Erected using 3t method ( through trapdoor)
  • Folding base frame is easy to store and transport and erect 
  • Size 3.7 Out - onwards all include 4 x out rigger stabilizers 

*Please see photo for tower system parts breakdown 

  • Working height indicates the height at which you can work at this is not the total height of the tower system 
  • Please note adjustable wheels are only on the 5600107 & 5600108 towers - They are available at extra cost for the whole range without them .

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